Kristen Stewart CURSES OUT Paparazzi (language NSFW)

Once again, the language in this is NSFW (Not Safe for Work… or the kids).  Look, I get it: celebs are followed by paparazzi constantly, and a lot of em (the paps) are super sleazy.  But, it’s part of why celebs are paid millions of dollars… and, frankly, they use the paps to their advantage when they need some press.  

Despite the sleazy factor, it’s never a good plan to curse at the paparazzi, because that video (like the one above) WILL end up online (in this case on TMZ via X-17).  And the celeb will never come out looking good. Yesterday, Kristen told a pap that he didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her… a pretty big judgment coming from the poster-child of cheating girlfriends.