SEE The Dog That Was Just Named World’s UGLIEST (aww)

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at Jun 29 - 8.35.09 AM

I WAS gonna shame the fact that there’s a pageant to find the world’s ugliest dog, but then I saw there was a cash prize of $1500. It looks like this year’s “winner” Quasi (as in Quasi Modo) will be able to afford a super-fancy makeover (if he or she wants it).


Rihanna won Met Gala last night and wins the internet today with this dress

Even Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be in awe. 

Also: kudos, internet, for working so fast on the memes. This is hands-down my favorite one so far.


Possibly the most EPIC Wheel of Fortune puzzle solve ever

He won $45,000 with only 2 letters since smug little Vanna White refused to turn any more.  Pat Sajak even patted him down to make sure he wasn’t holding the answer.