SEE a giant portrait of Taylor Swift… made of Legos

It was constructed over the course of the weekend by guests staying at the Legoland Windsor Resort in the U.K. This is amazing and all, but I thought it was her buddy Ed Sheeran that was the REAL Lego fan.


This guy trained his dog to walk on its hind legs FOR A MILE

Oh, he also dressed the dog as a schoolgirl, cuz that’s not creepy at all. 


Courtney Love and Mariah Carey are hanging out now

Courtney posted this pic to her Facebook page, and it may be one of the more random celebrity friendships ever.  Even if you’re not a fan of either of them, just admit that you’re at least a little bit curious to know what these to talk about.  My mind is racing with the possibilities.


Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister makes Lindsay look like the stable one

On the left is is Lindsay Lohan’s half sister Ashley Horn (the result of Michael Lohan cheating on Dina Lohan back in the 90’s).  On the right is Lindsay Lohan.  Notice a resemblance?  You should, because Ashley dropped $25,000 on plastic surgery to look more like Lindsay.

Seriously, this reaches brand new levels of creepy and weird and makes Single White Female seem tame in comparison.

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