WATCH a wedding officiated by PUPPETS

I’ve yet to decide whether I think this is super cute… or super creepy… or a little bit of both.


WATCH Ed Sheeran let a fan propose to his girlfriend on stage

Proving again that Ed is one of the nicest guys in the business… it brought Ed to tears!


Mila Kunis MAY have admitted that she and Ashton Kutcher got married

It kinda sorta happened on the first night of CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden… though I’m convinced Mila was just playing along and not actually admitting anything. Either way, it got people talking about James’ first show. 


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WATCH as this paraplegic Veteran is able to dance with his bride at their wedding

He lost use of his legs in a motorcycle accident after he served our country in Afghanistan, but had his friends (secretly) assemble a harness so he could surprise his wife by being able to do the first dance at their wedding.

On a side note, I think somebody is chopping onions in here. A lot of them.