Empty your cup BEFORE you play the “Cups” song

I’m about 90% sure this Vine video was staged vs. being an accidental spill.  But even if it’s real, I give the guy points for giving himself and his (or his friend’s) car a soda bath all in the name of trying to achieve internet fame.  Turn up the sound to get the full effect.  Anna Kendrick is a fan of this, too!



I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time

The good stuff we want to buy at the grocery store always seems to be on the top shelf.  Or, in this case, inside a bin that is way too high for anyone to actually be able to access. This girl really wanted that inflatable ball, but may have overestimated her upper body strength.  

P.S. It amazes me that in 2013 we haven’t figured out a better system of storing inflatable balls.  



This woman SNAPS at Apple Store

We’ve all seen it: a person acting irrationally angry towards a store employee or restaurant worker, etc.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’re the one doing it. 

This woman has a meltdown at the Apple Store at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles (which I can tell you from firsthand experience, is a heavily trafficked store, even by Apple Store standards).  I don’t know or care why this woman was so angry, but I genuinely can’t believe any problem with a piece of mobile technology warrants this kind of scene.

P.S. Of all places to have a public tantrum, this woman was dumb enough to have one in a store where literally every single customer and employee is pretty-much guaranteed to be holding a camera to upload the action.