WATCH the 2015 Super Bowl Commercials!

A lot of this year’s Super Bowl commercials have already been released, and I was gonna embed them all here… but there’s so many that it was gonna take forever for this post to load.  SO… go check out the list that Variety compiled.

If you’d like to go back in time, go check out last year’s spots, too.


See Scarlett Johansson’s BANNED Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream

Fox won’t air it because it directly mentions Coke and Pepsi… who happen to be MAJOR advertisers during the game and elsewhere on the network.  The same thing happened to SodaStream last year, so I’m guessing they did it on purpose this time knowing they’d a) get some free publicity out of it and b) that this commercial was much easier to edit out the Coke and Pepsi reference.  Well played, SodaStream.