WATCH Chris Pratt do Fireball shots and give acting tips

He’s even charming and funny as a drunk. 


Rihanna won Met Gala last night and wins the internet today with this dress

Even Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be in awe. 

Also: kudos, internet, for working so fast on the memes. This is hands-down my favorite one so far.


Here’s your first glimpse of Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Darker

I’m not quite sure how there’s a tease of the second movie when they haven’t even started filming it yet, but at least it puts to rest (or attempts to put) the rumors that Jamie won’t be back for the sequel. 


That moment when: you realize your math professor is a professional model… literally

Some students at University College London began to realize that their smokin-hot math teacher was, in fact, 26-year-old male model Pietro Boselli. Pietro is so ridiculously good looking that he was literally discovered by Giorgio Armani when he was only 6 years old. Seriously. You’re thinking dirty math puns, aren’t you?  See more pix of Pietro below and on his Instagram