SEE Sesame Street’s Jurassic World Parody

It’s called Jurassic Cookie, but I’m not sure why a cookie would be a villain (especially to Cookie Monster!). They should have made Bert the bad guy, cuz he’s WAY scarier with that creepy pointed head and never-ending unibrow.


WATCH Sesame Street’s S’mores-inspired spoof of Star Wars

It’s a message about over-indulgence and self-control, of course.

UPDATE: It didn’t even dawn on me until I posted this that Disney owns both The Muppets and Star Wars, making for a nice tease for the upcoming Star Wars re-boot. Well played with the corporate synergy, Disney, well-played.


Bert and Ernie are now legal!

With marriage equality laws passing, this is the cover of the next issue of The New Yorker.  Despite your views one way or another regarding marriage equality, you have to admit that it’s pretty brilliant… but I do genuinely wonder if/how Children’s Television Workshop will react.