This elephant just took the selfie to end all selfies

The credit for this pic doesn’t go to traveler Christian LeBlanc (though the pic is from his Instagram), it goes to the elephant! Christian was traveling through Thailand with his girlfriend when he came across the big guy (or gal). When Chrstian fed the elephant some bananas, the elephant grabbed his Go Pro and grabbed this epic selfie (and then dropped a mic). 


Adele and Lady Gaga may be working together on some music

Or perhaps they’re using that laptop to find good travel deals on Priceline.  Either way, they got together to take this selfie (via Instagram), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adele looking so happy.


Watch Sylvester Stallone pose for the best photo-op ever

These guys were running the famous Rocky stairs in Philadelphia at the Museum of Art when someone commented on their run… and that someone was Sylvester Stallone. Obvs, they took a selfie. 

And this now officially trumps my pic with Christopher Knight in front of the Brady Bunch house as the best photo-op ever.