Julia Louis-Dreyfus Caught Flipping Out

I’m always amazed when video surfaces of a person flipping out on (likely) low-paid employees of restaurants and retail stores, and even more amazed that their rants go on long enough for someone to capture it on video.  Jimmy Kimmel seems to have the same fascination with this behavior as he showed some of the best recent meltdown vids on his show… capped with a hilarious bit from Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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This woman SNAPS at Apple Store

We’ve all seen it: a person acting irrationally angry towards a store employee or restaurant worker, etc.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’re the one doing it. 

This woman has a meltdown at the Apple Store at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles (which I can tell you from firsthand experience, is a heavily trafficked store, even by Apple Store standards).  I don’t know or care why this woman was so angry, but I genuinely can’t believe any problem with a piece of mobile technology warrants this kind of scene.

P.S. Of all places to have a public tantrum, this woman was dumb enough to have one in a store where literally every single customer and employee is pretty-much guaranteed to be holding a camera to upload the action.