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SEE Sam Smith and Hugh Jackman Both Photobombing The News

The Sam Smith photobomb is amazing because the people are aware it’s happening, but NOT aware that Sam Smith is the one doing it (despite being at the concert venue where Sam is doing a show). The Hugh Jackman one is amazing because the newscaster doing the story seems totally unfazed by it, as if it’s something Hugh does to her all the time.


WATCH Sam Smith’s speech-less speech at the Billboard Music Awards

Sam’s recovering from vocal chord surgery and isn’t allowed to talk for 3 weeks, so he’s making the most of it. 


Check out Sam Smith’s awesome weight loss

The pic on the left was taken of Sam just 4 months ago, and the one on the right was taken in the past week.  He’s been very open about following a regimen recommended to him by a nutritionist, and the results are definitely noticeable.  When I met Sam a year ago, we joked about never smiling in pictures… but he smiles in them all of the time now.