WATCH Alex Trebek Cover Rihanna’s “Umbrella”

O.K., he didn’t really cover the song, but just hearing him utter the lyrics “ella ella” is hilarious. Between this and his recent rapping, I think Alex is at the point on Jeopardy where he has zero effs to give.


Rihanna won Met Gala last night and wins the internet today with this dress

Even Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be in awe. 

Also: kudos, internet, for working so fast on the memes. This is hands-down my favorite one so far.


Who wore it better: Rihanna or Peter Griffin from Family Guy?

Rihanna tweeted the side-by-side comparison, showing she’s got a great sense of humor (she even briefly changed her Twitter avatar to the Peter Griffin pic, haha).


Rihanna seemingly ditches bad-girl image, at least for a few pix

We always know where Rihanna’s next look is headed based on her Instagram photos.  The latest (above, also from her Instagram), looks like she’s doing an upscale jewelry ad, or perhaps doing a guest-stint as a bored rich NYC trophy wife on Law & Order.  There’s more of this look on Rihanna’s Instagram.


EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Bynes Finally Hears from Drake on Twitter! 

Amanda Bynes finally heard from Drake… it just might not be the Drake we thought.  But Jason Bowers thinks this could mean that all of Amanda’s bizarre behavior could really just have been a big misunderstanding.