Kanye West was all Kanye West-y when he had another meltdown / rant (language NSFW)

I’m not a fan of most of Kanye West’s music, but I recognize that he has some genuine talent as a lyricist and producer.  But nearly every time he speaks, he ridiculously declares himself a genius and/or puts himself in the same class as some true legends.  That’s not to say that Kanye isn’t (or is) a genius or a legend-in-the-making, it’s just to say that constantly proclaiming it is all kinds of douchey and cancels out any talent he might possess. 

Long story short: Kanye tore apart a screaming fan who wanted him to take it off (his clothes and/or his mask, I presume).  And, in an extra-klassy move, he had he woman evicted from the show.  That’s right, Kanye West rewards his loyal fans by proving to them that they’re not worthy to experience more of his genius.  

Thank goodness somebody caught the entire thing on video to show everyone how seriously out-of-control his ego has gotten.  Watch it above, but beware the language is NSFW.

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