Lindsay Lohan can’t bar-hop, so she rehab-hops

Lindsay Lohan left Betty Ford to move to another rehabbier rehab, possibly because she was a pain in the ass.  Or possibly not.  Jason Bowers break it down for you.


Thoroughly LOVED the season finale last night (even though I actually figured out very early in the episode which character was preggo).  If you’re not watching Parks and Rec, start NOW.  The show was good out of the gate, but it became GREAT halfway through season 2 when Adam Scott and Rob Lowe joined the cast, so that’s a good place to start.


Photos of What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage

When an artist goes on tour, they have a list of demands that’s forwarded to the venue ahead of time called a tour rider.  It details technical stuff (I need the fog machine that operates at 10x the force of normal fog machines) and the backstage stuff (Van Halen’s famous no brown M&M’s demand).  

Well, a photographer has taken some very enticing pix of some of those celebrity demands.  The combo of fried chicken, Guinness, and condoms (thanks, Busta Rhymes!) never looked so sexy. 

Photos of What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage


‘Top Hooker’ reality show ordered | EW.com

If you’ve ever seen the BRILLIANT Lisa Kudrow show “The Comeback,” you know there was a reality show (within the show’s second episode) called “America’s Next Great Porn Star.”  This is sorta like that.  


The search for the best hooker in America is coming to cable TV.

A major channel has ordered Top Hooker, an unscripted competition series that puts a diverse group of 10 competitors through a series of “mind-blowing” challenges to determine who is the best in the business — and only one can come out on top to collect a $30,000 prize.

[At this point, we should probably mention Top Hooker is on Animal Planet. And it’s about fishing.]

‘Top Hooker’ reality show ordered | EW.com