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You Really Must Try Time Magazine’s Donald Trump Insult Generator

If you’ve ever seen Donald Trump’s Twitter feed (or ever seen him in an interview), you know that Donald LOVES to insult people. It’s kinda his thing. so now there’s a Donald Trump Insult generator… you type in your name, and it spits out actual insults that Donald once used on Twitter. Even better, this isn’t from The Onion or some other satire site… it’s from Time freakin’ magazine!

Check out the Donald Trump Insult Generator here.


WATCH this politician have an EPIC press conference meltdown 

When U.S. politicians get caught in scandal and they finally fess up to wrong-doing, they usually do the press conference mea culpa offering a half-hearted apology and perhaps some forced crying for the sake of the cameras.  But in Japan, Ryutaro Nonomura, whose accused of misusing thousands of dollars in government funds, gives us some full-on crying and shouting.  I don’t even know what he’s saying but I can’t stop watching this video.