SEE The New Guinness World Record Holder for The World’s Longest Pizza (almost a mile!)

The new longest pizza comes to us from Milan via 80 pizza-makers, 1.7 tons of flour, 1.5 tons of mozzarella, 2 tons of tomato sauce, and 5 onions, but I’m betting that it takes longer than 30 minutes to deliver this thing. Watch them assemble this monster creation:


Rihanna won Met Gala last night and wins the internet today with this dress

Even Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be in awe. 

Also: kudos, internet, for working so fast on the memes. This is hands-down my favorite one so far.


Beyonce passive-aggressively flaunts pepperoni pizza right in newly-vegan hubby Jay-Z’s face

This week, Jay-Z announced that he and Beyonce have gone vegan.  I get the feeling, however, that Beyonce may not be loving the idea.  They were photographed eating at Cafe Gratitude, a vegan restaurant in L.A., but Beyonce’s outfit was covered in little pepperoni pizzas.  Pepperoni and cheese are no-nos on a vegan diet, so this seems like a very passive-aggressive way for Beyonce to tell Jay-Z that saying she’s not on board with his new eating habits. 

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