WATCH Chris Pratt do Fireball shots and give acting tips

He’s even charming and funny as a drunk. 


Some people think Elle is as ashamed of Mindy Kaling’s race and weight

Above are the 4 covers for Elle magazine’s February issue.  Notice Mindy Kaling, the only woman of color, is also the only one photographed black and white.  She’s also the only one photographed with a headshot rather than a body shot.  Because of this, people are saying Elle is trying to downplay Mindy’s race and weight.  I’m pretty sure if Elle editors really had concerns about those things selling issues, they wouldn’t have put her on the cover in the first place.  Mindy seems to feel the same way. 


‘The Office’ Unseen Auditions (Adam Scott, Seth Rogen and More) 

A lot of people that are now big names auditioned for major roles on “The Office,” and now their screen tests have been released.  See how they all stack up against the American originals: Seth Rogen (as Dwight), Bob Odenkirk (as Michael), Adam Scott (as Jim), Eric Stonestreet (as Kevin), John Cho (as Jim), and Kathryn Hahn as Pam.  

Some of them are completely wrong for the parts (Kathryn Hahn is SO not Pam, but she would have made a GREAT Jan), but others seem like the would have fit right in (particularly Adam Scott and Bob Odenkirk… who actually guest-starred later in the show’s run).