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Watch a Bizarro SNL Spoof of Bad 90’s Sitcoms

It was cut for time, but since we love all things Ryan Gosling, it’s been released online.

The sketch isn’t necessarily laugh-out-loud hilarious like the sketch with Ryan and Kate McKinnon as alien abductees, but the level of specificity in which it spoofs ABC TGIF-style shows (we’re looking at you, Family Matters) is a marvel.


SEE Chris Pratt As Jason Statham In A Never-Aired SNL Sketch

Chris Pratt hosted SNL way back in September, but they’re just releasing one of his dress-rehearsal sketches that ended up getting cut for time. On one hand, this was cut for a reason (it’s not exactly hilarious), on the other hand, it’s another excuse to get some more Chris Pratt into your day.