WATCH a jockey ride as his pants fall down

It’s slightly NSFW (you can see his butt, obviously), and it seemingly happened by accident (unless he was trying to moon somebody on purpose). 


This Columbian Womens’ Cycling Team is not naked…

…but their uniforms are designed to make you think they are, and everyone is all up in arms about it. It should be noted that the pic above makes is look like you see something peeking out down below, but that’s actually just a shadow in this particular photo. This image is, in fact, safe for work.  (Photo via Twitter).


Beyonce is naked… except for all that glitter

Beyonce is on the cover of the new issue of Flaunt magazine, but there’s not much covering her… just glitter.  A lot of it.  That stuff doesn’t come off easy, either.  She’s gonna be finding glitter in Blue Ivy’s blankies for years.  

Side note: Somewhere Ke$ha is bemoaning the fact that she didn’t think of this first.