Somebody made a Thanksgiving-themed parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”

And you know you’re gonna watch it even though you suspect that it’s not good.


WATCH another mind-blowing music video from OK Go

Even if you aren’t super-familiar with the music of OK Go, you’ve probably seen at least one of their music videos (probably their best-known  is the treadmills of “Here It Goes Again”).  In an era where music video budgets have been squeezed to the point of non-existence, these guys still find a way to push the genre further creatively every single time they’re up to bat.  


Michael Jackson’s Thriller video recreated with Legos

File this under “I’m glad someone has a lot of time on his/her hands”: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video has been re-created with Legos.  Usually these re-creations are done using the Lego people figures and building lots of Lego sets, but this seems to have been done on a flat surface with the pieces moved around as if they’re essentially giant pixels (seemingly a much more painstaking process, and therefore more impressive). 

It’s just the opening scene (Michael and his date at the movie theater), so hopefully they’ll finish the whole video.

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