SEE Sesame Street’s parody of The Avengers

And despite it involving vegetables (barf), I’m totally on board.


WATCH Sesame Street’s S’mores-inspired spoof of Star Wars

It’s a message about over-indulgence and self-control, of course.

UPDATE: It didn’t even dawn on me until I posted this that Disney owns both The Muppets and Star Wars, making for a nice tease for the upcoming Star Wars re-boot. Well played with the corporate synergy, Disney, well-played.


WATCH a bunch of A-list celebs congratulate a reporter and his wife on their wedding

It’s really cute that this entertainment reporter got a bunch of celebs to participate in his wedding video, but a bit creepy that they’re all congratulating her (Jenny) on marrying him (Joe), as if he’s is saying “You hit the jackpot by marring me.”  Equal parts cute and tacky.