Kendall Jenner is Now Modeling with Marcel the Monkey from Friends

I’m not sure why Allure has Kendall posing with him (and that REALLY is the monkey that played Marcel), but there they are.  Which is worse: being the host to a virus that causes a international crisis in Outbreak, or posing with someone who is Kardashian-adjacent?


Max George from The Wanted now has a new job

No, he’s not Lindsay Lohan’s house boy.  Max is now modeling for Buffalo Jeans (and, apparently, their underwear line, too).  You’re welcome.

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That’s not Cindy Crawford, that’s TYRA BANKS (Seriously)

Tyra Banks posed for a series of 15 photos as OTHER iconic supermodels which are on display right now in NYC.  The pix are allegedly NOT re-touched, the magic was all done with hair, makeup, lighting, great photography, and the Tyra-ness of being Tyra.  If you can’t make it to New York to see the exhibit, Tyra posted some of the other pix up on her Twitter (photo above is from Tyra’s Twitter, as well).