Here’s how to text through the gloves in your Halloween costume

Over the weekend I bought a Halloween costume that happens to have gloves.  What didn’t dawn on my at the time was that I wouldn’t be able to text while in costume.  Yes, First World problems, but it’s still a legitimate concern as I’ll be spending the night with a group of friends, and we text back and forth to make fun of the crazy people we see keep track of one another.  

Thankfully, my problem is solved with a little metallic thread and the video above.  Just call me Mr. Wizard.  Actually, just call the guy in the video Mr. Wizard.  I prefer to be called Mr. Bojangles.

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Tay Allyn “Mass Text” is not the crapfest we it’s being heralded as

Back when Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was first released, we (the collective internet) went nuts because of its sheer awesomeness (its awesomeness being its awfulness). Part of what made that song/video so wonderfully horrible was the fact that nobody involved in making it seemed to be aware that it was awesomely horrible. 

Well, today, there’s a video/song making the rounds by Tay Allyn that’s being heralded as the next “Rebecca Black” and the “worst song of the year.”  

But it’s not.  Why?  Because Tay Allyn seems to be in on the joke.  Her IMDB page says she is a theatre grad from USC (University of Southern California), and that she gave the commencement speech.  An actress that goes to a relatively well-respected and not-easy-to-get-into college who gives speeches at commencement would be painfully self-aware that this song is very very bad.  I’ll argue that she’s so self aware, in fact, that she enlisted some filmmaker USC friends (USC is one of the top film schools in the country, btw) to make a purposely bad/cheesy song/video in hopes of becoming a household name. 

Side note: we all need to find the footage of her 2009 appearance on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”