This video game cake is the coolest wedding cake you’ll ever see

The cake doesn’t have moving parts, it’s just done with really good projection, but it doesn’t make it any less badass.  If only we could ACTULLY say, “Mmm, tastes like Donkey Kong.”  

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Your newest viral internet superstar is… a waffle

Yes, I’m aware that I just posted a :07 video of a waffle falling over.  I posted it because that waffle is fast-approaching a million hits on YouTube.  This is an actual thing (read the origin of it here), and now it’s become a meme as people give it their own twists.  There’s already a Mario version, a Breaking Bad version, and (my favorite so far) a Michael Bay version.  

I just tweeted at Jimmy Kimmel that he needs to insert himself in this video (if he isn’t already behind it). 

Seriously, we’re all about half a step away from watching paint dry.