The Lion King Broadway cast took over a New York subway, and it was awesome

The circle of life has brought them here. 


The Lion King Recap – Etch A Sketch Version

As a kid, I could NEVER master the Etch-a-Sketch beyond making a simple square (or the L which I imagine others saw on my forehead for not being Etch-a-Sketch proficient).  I’d try to learn it now, but I’m far too impatient to spend the time to really figure it out, so I’ll just watch videos of other people showing off with their Etch-a-Sketch prowess.  Showoffs.

BTW, I haven’t done a search, but I’d imagine some One Direction superfans have a whole collection of Harry, Niall, LIam, Louis, and Zahn Etch-a-Sketch portraits illuminated by soft-glow candlelight.