WATCH Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, and Brad Pitt on screen together…

…in a COMMERCIAL for a new resort in Macau, China… and they reportedly got paid $10 million EACH to be in this thing.  But when a resort costs 3.2 BILLION to build, a $70 million commercial is a drop in the bucket. 


Your favorite celebrities are now all hipsters…

courtesy of a Photoshopping contest.  The pic above of Dame Judi Dench (from a designer named Amelia) is my personal favorite (hello neon green lipstick and purple hair), but there are some other really awesome ones of Leonardo DiCaprio (in dress shoes with shorts!), Matthew McConaughey (in bowtie), Meryl Streep (in beanie!), and a bunch more here.  HILARIOUS!


Leonardo DiCaprio really doesn’t want to be recognized

That really is Leo.  And he didn’t want to be recognized… up until the point when he wasn’t recognized.  Then he allegedly played the “don’t you know who I am?” card.  No, Leo, we don’t know who you are, because you’re cloaked in a drapey black frock. (Just Jared has plenty more pix of Leo not looking like Leo because he’s cloaked in a drapey black frock).

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