Lady Gaga is kicking herself for not thinking of this first

Project Runway held a challenge for contestants: make a dress out of various items found at Subway sandwich shops.  Yes, this actually happened, and yes, they really did call it Project Subway.  And yes, there are more photos of this absurdity.  You’re welcome.  Photo above via Twitter user @oiselle.


Lady Gaga was Crazy on TWO separate occasions yesterday

That woman(?) in the mask above is allegedly Lady Gaga, who supposedly wore this mask as she walked around New York fashion week yesterday.  Frankly, it sounds like the premise for a bad high-concept movie comedy: An international pop star (played by Lady Gaga), so overwhelmed by her fans hires a bodyguard pretending to be her in a mask (played by The Rock).  They can’t stand each other at first, but end up falling in love. “Face to Face,” coming to a theater near you.

Before she protected her skin from the elements, Gaga also appeared on Good Morning America.  She performed “Applause” as several characters from The Wizard of Oz (though I don’t remember Dorothy and co. having such ill-fitting crooked wigs).  Here’s the performance:


Lady Gaga: Is That You Wearing the Crazy Face Mask?

Just when we were getting used to seeing Lady Gaga with less makeup (like her appearance on “Good…

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Kim Kardashian thinks she’s Lady Gaga, is Crazy Krazy

Look, I get it.  When you’re pregnant, you still want to feel sexy.  This is one instance where Kim Kardashian is actually just like you and me (if I could get pregnant, that is).  So, as a result, Kim agreed to a photo shoot for Karl Lagerfeld, but it’s almost like she did the shoot for Lady Gaga instead because the results are stunning crazytown. (Or, since it’s Kim, Krazytown). See the rest of the pix here


Mariah Carey gets into the SLING of things

Wow, that was a very New York Post-y headline from me.  Sorry.  But seriously, I think Mariah Carey’s designer slings (a necessity after she dislocated her shoulder) out-do Lady Gaga’s gold-plated designer wheelchair from earlier this year. Besides the bedazzled sling below, you should also see Mimi’s furry and feathery slings.  (Photo via Mariah Carey’s Instagram). 


Forget the Kimye Baby, there’s better dirt about Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally had the Kimye Baby. You already know about it, so today Jason Bowers breaks down some bizarre rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, and their love of sleeping partners and nudity (respectively).