This is the best cat video you’ll see all day

Someone dressed their cat as Princess Jasmie from Aladdin, put that cat on a carpet, and put that carpet on a Roomba vacuum.  You’ve really outdone yourself, internet!


SEE the Hero Cat throw out the first pitch at a baseball game

Hero Cat became a viral superstar last week after saving a boy from a  dog attack, and now Hero Cat is making appearances… like throwing out the first pitch at a game.  But, since it’s a CAT, it’s more like the owner throws out the first pitch while holding a cat.  


My new favorite blog is Brides Throwing Cats

A few months ago I shared a blog that replaced the cell phones in photos with sandwiches, but now I’ve found a blog that’s even better and more ripe for comedy: Brides Throwing Cats.  It’s simple: replace a wedding bouquet with a kitty cat, comedy ensues. 

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