WATCH the cat with extremely good focus

We know who’s winning a staring contest, and it’s not us… it’s this cat. 


This is the best cat video you’ll see all day

Someone dressed their cat as Princess Jasmie from Aladdin, put that cat on a carpet, and put that carpet on a Roomba vacuum.  You’ve really outdone yourself, internet!


My new favorite blog is Brides Throwing Cats

A few months ago I shared a blog that replaced the cell phones in photos with sandwiches, but now I’ve found a blog that’s even better and more ripe for comedy: Brides Throwing Cats.  It’s simple: replace a wedding bouquet with a kitty cat, comedy ensues. 

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Zac Efron wears shirt

Zac Efron is photographed wearing a shirt for once.  Most people would find that to be rude, but those people also didn’t notice the adorable kitty cat perched atop Zach’s broad shoulders.  I get it, you were mesmerized by the eyes.

BTW, I don’t know who Alexander Goldschmidt is, but he’s the one that posted this pic on his Twitter.  And America is forever grateful.