WATCH Ed Sheeran’s adorable appearance on Sesame Street

Can The Muppets please just become Ed’s full-time backup band?


WATCH Sesame Street’s S’mores-inspired spoof of Star Wars

It’s a message about over-indulgence and self-control, of course.

UPDATE: It didn’t even dawn on me until I posted this that Disney owns both The Muppets and Star Wars, making for a nice tease for the upcoming Star Wars re-boot. Well played with the corporate synergy, Disney, well-played.


WATCH as kids react to something called a Walkman

Last week, I was stopped in a grocery store and asked by a salesperson how I receive the Sunday paper, and I literally laughed out loud and said, “It’s 2014.”  I wasn’t trying to be mean, the laugh was just my gut reaction in a time when everything is super compact and immediate because it’s all in my pocket.  These kids seem just as mystified by a bulky (by today’s standards) box that in which used to play music known as the Walkman.