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SEE Kelly Clarkson Make The Surprise Announcement That She’s Pregnant With Baby Number 2


I told you on Wednesday about how Kelly Clarkson revealed that she was pregnant with baby number 2, even though she wasn’t planning to let the cat out of the bag yet. I was actually in the audience when she made the announcement, and was bummed I hadn’t caught it on video because it was a really cute moment (actually, a couple of moments). Well, somebody else got it on video (including her emotional performance of “Piece By Piece” that compelled her to reveal the news). Check it out here:


Kelly Clarkson Is Pregant With Baby Number 2!

 Back in April, Kelly Clarkson kept talking about how she and her husband Brandon wanted another baby right away, and I questioned why she’d want to dive right back into the pool since she had such a difficult pregnancy. Kelly’s response at the time: “I want the baby, I don’t want the pregnancy. I mean, the baby part has been awesome and magical. The pregnancy part, I am actually, I am so scared of it.”

Kelly got her wish! She wasn’t planning on announcing the news last night at her show at L.A.’s Staples center, but ultimately admitted to us in the audience, “I’m totally pregnant” after getting emotional singing her song “Piece By Piece.” Congrats, Kelly and Brandon (and big sister River)!


Kelly Clarkson Sang Karaoke with a Young Fan Because She’s the Nicest Person Ever

One one hand, “Love Shack” was a bad song choice since it doesn’t really let Kelly show off her voice (since most of the song is spoken/shouted). On the other hand, maybe the little girl chose it so that Kelly wouldn’t totally upstage her (and if so, that’s one savvy kid). Either way, this is super cute.


The girl above? That’s Avril Lavigne.  Seriously.

We used to see high school yearbook photos of celebs in their awkward years all the time, but not as much lately.  Maybe all the Facebooking/Tweeting/Instargramming/etc. has made us less interested since we see celebs in allegedly unguarded moments all the time now. 

Either way, Buzzfeed did a great new roundup of yearbook photos.  Some are ones we’ve seen before (I think everyone has seen the Madonna one more than a few times), but I especially like the Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift pix.  See the full Buzzfeed post here.