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Kim Kardashian Did A Hype Energy Drink Commercial And It Is Super Bizarro

It also poses so many questions. Would you actually buy a drink loaded with tons of caffeine from a pregnant woman that shouldn’t be drinking caffeine? If Kim was, in fact, drinking this energy drink, then why does she fall off the bike in the first place (she should be full of energy!)? Whose idea was it to dress kim like Audrey Hepburn? Why isn’t Kanye riding the bike with her like in his “Bound 2” music video?


This Kim Kardashian look-a-like is the head of a Mexican drug cartel hit squad (seriously)

Her name is Claudia Ochoa Felix, and she’s pictured on the left.  Despite her nickname “The Empress of Anthrax,” Kanye West is still more afraid of the real Kim Kardashian (on the left).  See more pix of their resemblance here


Jaden Smith wore white to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

…in the form of a white Batman costume.  Because of course. First of all, everyone knows that guests aren’t supposed to wear white to a wedding.  Second of all, you know you’ve crossed the line when the douchiest person in the photo isn’t Joe Francis.  (photo via Joe Francis’ Instagram)


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pose with North West in Vogue

It’s as if we’re being shown the exact moment that North figures out she’s just the latest model in her family’s product line.