This is allegedly a list of Lindsay Lohan’s celebrity conquests.

That’s what In Touch thinks.  There’s no doubt that she’s been with SOME of these guys (Evan Peters and Max George from The Wanted are pretty obvious).  But considering the 3 specific columns on this page, it looks a lot more like she was playing a game of Kill/F***/Marry with friends (if this is, in fact, even her handwriting).  See more of In Touch’s story about it here


Photoshop brilliance: Celebrities posing with old versions of themselves

Under most circumstances, I’d attribute the kind of Photoshop awesomeness seen above to a person having way too much time on his/her hands.  But the folks at Buzzfeed have turned “having way too much time on their hands” into a “successful business model.”  Above, you see young *NSYNC-era curly-haired-frosted-tips Justin Timberlake photographed next to solo artist-adult-married-to-Jessica-Biel Justin Timberlake.  There’s a lot more celebs with the old versions of themselves here.  Check them out, if only to see the varying stages of plastic surgery known as Joan Rivers.


The most AMAZING photo of *NSYNC today isn’t even from the VMA’s

*NSYNC did a photo shoot back in 1997, and I can’t quite pinpoint it, but something looks… different… about them.  Pure. Magic.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot: 



Justin Timberlake let MTV have an Awards show in the middle of his concert last night

The VMA’s were last night and they gave Justin Timberlake the Video Vanguard Award (because MTV artists are way too young to be given “lifetime achievement” awards).  Since Justin likes to be the very epitome of “going above and beyond,” he did an EPIC 20 minute performance (including that much-rumored *NSYNC reunion) that was EPIC in a way that can only be described as EPIC.