This is what Christina Aguilera’s $40,000 engagement ring looks like

Using the 2-months salary rule, that must mean that her finance Matthew Rutler is pulling in $20,000 a month, right?  I personally wouldn’t want a ring that huge because a) it makes you a massive target for theft and b) who wants to lug around something so bulky?!?  To each his own.  Photo via Christina’s Twitter.


Here’s the $10,000 grill Amanda Bynes ordered before she was under psychiatric care

If you’ve ever had a wild night of partying and woken up the next morning to find receipts in your pocket for places you don’t remember visiting, this is sorta like the celebrity version of that.  Amanda Bynes (the one that was an aspiring rapper) ordered this grill from jeweler/grillmaker-to-the-stars Ben Baller before she was placed under psychiatric care and it’s now finished… though he make take a wash on this one as it’s doubtful she still has her claim ticket. If you’ve ever wondered what $10,000 of rose gold and pink diamonds Krazy glued to a retainer looks like, wonder no more.  Pic is from Ben’s Instagram, and he says he may auction them off for charity (smart PR move).

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Rihanna seemingly ditches bad-girl image, at least for a few pix

We always know where Rihanna’s next look is headed based on her Instagram photos.  The latest (above, also from her Instagram), looks like she’s doing an upscale jewelry ad, or perhaps doing a guest-stint as a bored rich NYC trophy wife on Law & Order.  There’s more of this look on Rihanna’s Instagram.