WATCH how to turn a pumpkin to a beer keg

Honestly, you could make one of these for pretty much any liquid… but beer is more fun (and Sam Adams probably sponsored the video). 


An Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume is already a thing you can buy 

Seems fun and harmless on the surface, but one hand is holding the bucket and the other is holding an ice tray.  Which hand gets to hold your drinks on Halloween?


Leonardo DiCaprio really doesn’t want to be recognized

That really is Leo.  And he didn’t want to be recognized… up until the point when he wasn’t recognized.  Then he allegedly played the “don’t you know who I am?” card.  No, Leo, we don’t know who you are, because you’re cloaked in a drapey black frock. (Just Jared has plenty more pix of Leo not looking like Leo because he’s cloaked in a drapey black frock).

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