Somewhere over the rainbow Ke$ha’s head

In the 70’s and 80’s, there’s a guy that became semi-famous for going to sporting events wearing a rainbow wig and holding up a sign that said John 3:!6.  Christopher Walken even played him in a hilarious SNL sketch (you can see it here at the 21:37 mark if you have Hulu Plus).

Anyhoo, rainbow hair has come a long way since then courtesy of Ke$ha.  I normally think Ke$ha is bat crap crazy, but this actually works on her.

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Beyonce has better wigs than Amanda Bynes

We were just getting treated to Beyonce’s new super-short Miley Cyrus-y pixie cut.  But now Bey is rocking a longer cut courtesy of a wig or extensions.  And, being Beyonce, she obviously looks amazing with the new ‘do. (Photo via Beyonce’s Instagram feed).