Check out Katy Perry’s new bleached hair and Miley Cyrus’ new pink ARMPIT hair

Katy posted the Wonderland magazine cover with her new ‘do to her Instagram while Miley posted her new pits (and the process leading up to the new color) on her Instagram. Dying one’s armpit hair has apparently been a thing for a few months


Christinao Ronaldo’s bizarre World Cup haircut, explained

He allegedly shaved the bizarre zig-zag formation into his head to show solidarity with a young fan named Erik Ortiz Cruz who had a brain tumor removed (and whose $85,000 hospital bill was footed by Christiano).  Photo above via the For the Win Twitter feed.


Jake Gyllenhaal sports a man-bun

Jakey is rockin’ the new ‘do while he shoots the movie Nightcrawlers, but the only thing I see crawling are Jake’s fans under a rock until he goes back to something more sensible.  Until then, he looks like pretty much every woman in a yoga class in L.A.

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