WATCH a wedding officiated by PUPPETS

I’ve yet to decide whether I think this is super cute… or super creepy… or a little bit of both.


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WATCH as this paraplegic Veteran is able to dance with his bride at their wedding

He lost use of his legs in a motorcycle accident after he served our country in Afghanistan, but had his friends (secretly) assemble a harness so he could surprise his wife by being able to do the first dance at their wedding.

On a side note, I think somebody is chopping onions in here. A lot of them.


A Brad Pitt wedding story that doesn’t involve Angelina Jolie

New groom Daniel Lingwood must feel incredibly confident in the bond he has with his new wife Abi because he let a good-looking guy crash his wedding… a guy that just happens to be named Brad Pitt.  Brad was enjoying a drink at the bar in the same hotel as the wedding when Daniel accosted pleasantly approached Brad to ask for a photo op.  Brad agreed, so Daniel went to fetch his wife so he could watch her meet one of her hump island hall passes for the photo op. (Photo via Twitter).

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