WATCH Robert Downey Jr. Deliver a Real Bionic Arm

Cuz he’s Iron Man, get it? This is pretty amazing. 


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WATCH as this paraplegic Veteran is able to dance with his bride at their wedding

He lost use of his legs in a motorcycle accident after he served our country in Afghanistan, but had his friends (secretly) assemble a harness so he could surprise his wife by being able to do the first dance at their wedding.

On a side note, I think somebody is chopping onions in here. A lot of them.


WATCH the AMAZING video where ATMs become Automated THANKING Machines

This is a MUST SEE video.  It’s marketing at its absolute best: we associate something great with a brand, we get to experience a genuine emotional response, and we get to see the brand do something really nice for some really deserving people.  Someone’s chopping onions in here again!