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Every Parent Needs These Slippers NOW


If you have kids or have ever been to a home where a child owns Legos, you’ve probably inadvertently stepped barefoot on loose Lego pieces… and it’s BRUTAL. So, Lego is finally (they are 66 years old, after all!) manufacturing heavy-duty anti-Lego slippers!  They’ve inexplicably only made 1,500 pairs, and they’re not even selling them… they’re giving them away to random people that create a wish list on the French Lego website.


This guy is a professional rapper wrapper

This video of someone literally just wrapping a present has racked up about a million views on YouTube, which tells me we all think it’s a pretty laborious process and we’re all looking for a better way to do it.  No wonder the Spellings had a gift wrapping room in their house!