THIS is why it’s easier to remember Presidents far more fondly after they leave office

No matter the political party, we seem to remember Presidents far more fondly after they’re no longer the President. It’s sorta like being a grandparent; as a parent you sometimes have to be the bad guy, but as the grandparent, you can feed your grandkids all the candy you want and send ‘em home to mom and dad to deal with the consequences.  Ex-Presidents don’t have to make the tough decisions the office entails, and they don’t face NEARLY the criticism of a sitting President (otherwise, the media would have had a MUCH bigger field day with former President George W. Bush’s painting hobby).

Anyhoo… President George H.W. Bush (aka Bush 1), has a guy on his security detail who has a 2 year old son named Patrick.  Patrick has Leukemia, so the former President AND his entire security detail shaved their heads in solidarity. If he were still President, I’d probably assume that it was just a political photo-op.  But he’s not, so it just makes me think a boss and his staff made a really nice gesture for one of their own. 

BTW, if you want to learn more about the little boy, they have a website