WATCH this high school teacher (and SO many students) do a big dance to “Uptown Funk”

They seam to weave their way through the entire school, and it appears like pretty much all of the students at the school get in on the action. Awesome.


WATCH this old grandpa ditch his canes to cut a rug on the dance floor

I’m nearly certain this is fake (call me crazy, but if he needs 2 canes to walk, how can he even STAND much less DANCE without them?), but it’s still a ton of fun watching somebody having so much fun. 


This Peanuts Christmas Dance is the Best. Flash. Mob. Ever.

Somewhere Charles Schultz is on a stage saying into a sideways-held microphone, “This is how to properly stage a flash mob!” before dropping the mic and confidently strutting off the stage. 

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