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Someone Made a 5-Hour Darth Vader Yule Log Video, Of Course

Even as a child, I thought the idea of TV stations abandoning their programming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in order to show a continuous loop of a burning yule log was absurd (thank you, Channel 11). But now that absurdity gets a dose of timely awesomeness thanks to this Darth Vader Yule log (thank you, guy with lots of time on his hands). Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a burning corpse!


WATCH this random shirtless dude ask out a reporter on live TV

As one does.  BTW, I love that KTLA Los Angeles has been posting their (many) reporter fails on YouTube, because they know that gets them more hits than their actual reporting. 


I actually hesitated clicking on this because the I find the whole twerking faux-phenomenon sort of insulting and offensive.  But… I clicked on this one and I’m SOOOO glad I did because saying that does not end well would be a massive understatement.