Meet the players in this year’s Puppy Bowl

I’ve always known that Animal Planet does their Puppy Bowl every year on the same day as the Super Bowl, but I never realized the great attention to detail they’ve given it to make it seem like a legit sporting event… including ESPN-like profiles highlighting the players.  Hilarious and adorable. 


Golf is boring… until somebody smashes a camera

The British Open began yesterday, and a Danish golfer named Thomas Bjorn didn’t get a hole in one, but he created a hole in ESPN’s $80,000 camera.  

Other ways I could have gone with that joke:

–a Danish golfer named Thomas Bjorn didn’t smash any records, but he did smash ESPN’s $80,000 camera. 

–a Danish golfer named Thomas Bjorn’s action on the green wasn’t caught ON camera, it was caught IN the camera… ESPN’s $80,000 camera.

Danish golfer named Thomas Bjorn didn’t need to yell “fore,” he needed to yell “80,000,” cuz that’s how much it’s gonna cost to replace ESPN’s camera.