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SEE Kelly Clarkson Make The Surprise Announcement That She’s Pregnant With Baby Number 2


I told you on Wednesday about how Kelly Clarkson revealed that she was pregnant with baby number 2, even though she wasn’t planning to let the cat out of the bag yet. I was actually in the audience when she made the announcement, and was bummed I hadn’t caught it on video because it was a really cute moment (actually, a couple of moments). Well, somebody else got it on video (including her emotional performance of “Piece By Piece” that compelled her to reveal the news). Check it out here:


WATCH the AMAZING video where ATMs become Automated THANKING Machines

This is a MUST SEE video.  It’s marketing at its absolute best: we associate something great with a brand, we get to experience a genuine emotional response, and we get to see the brand do something really nice for some really deserving people.  Someone’s chopping onions in here again!


Your good cry of the day

We all need a good cry from time to time, and sometimes it takes the power of manipulative advertising to do the trick.  This comes courtesy of a communications company in Thailand, and it’s all about the power of giving.  You’ll see the ending coming from a mile away, but you’ll still cry, because it’s just that manipulative.  BTW, I’m totally OK with being manipulated as long as I’ve been warned first.  You’ve been warned. 

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