Matt Lauer Finally Gets Prank Revenge on Ellen DeGeneres

So. Many. Balls.  This is really funny, but truth be told, I actually think Ellen knew about this ahead of time (the giveaway is that she mentions 20,000 balls… the exact number of balls Matt said were in the car in the setup).


Sia awesomely takes hiding her face to new heights

This is the look that Sia rocked last week on Ellen, and at this rate her bangs will be longer than the rest of her hair.  Cheers to Sia for finding a way to retain some anonymity while simultaneously getting people to talk about her awesome performances.  Watch the full performance of “Elastic Heart” here:


Two Ellen staffers get the bejesus scared out of them

Ellen DeGeneres struck comedy gold a few years ago when she realized her writer Amy Rhodes is very.easily.scared.  This year, Ellen has upped the ante (and the comedy) by having her even-more-easily-scared producer Andy go with Amy through the Walking Dead maze at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. 

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