SEE The Stunning Promo Pic of Caitlyn Jenner for Her New Docuseries


Just when I thought we were going into Caitlyn Jenner over-exposure mode comes this STUNNING promo pic for her E docuseries I Am Cait (Pic via E News). Does she rock the outfit even better in this shoot than she did in the Vanity Fair shoot?


So, um, Channing Tatum has a new look…

But, it’s not the pic above.  It’s a pic on various sites, including on EOnline.com.  It’s apparently on the set of Channing’s new movie Jupiter Ascending (which, judging solely from the pic, makes it look like this is some crappy 90’s movie about rebelling through skateboarding and the music of Limp Bizkit).  People magazine should demand their “Sexiest Man Alive” title back after he allowed this to happen.  See the pic here