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SEE Alexander Skarsgard Dressed In Drag For His Latest Movie Premiere

Alexander Skarsgard dressed in drag for his latest movie premiere. It should be noted that his character in the movie doesn’t wear drag. If nothing else, it’s a GREAT way to bring attention to the movie. Well-played, Alexander, well-played. Also, I made sure to include a shirtless shot of Alexander¬†getting ready for the big premiere. You’re welcome. All pix via Twitter.


This dude can show you how to look just like Miley Cyrus

There’s a male makeup artist / model in the U.K. that will show you how to transform yourself into Miley Cyrus (giant foam finger not included). ¬†I’m not gonna lie, it’s more than a little bit unsettling that he’s able to look more feminine than she does. He can also show you how to transform into other celebs like Rihanna and Elizabeth Taylor, how to look like a porn star, and even general makeup tips on his YouTube page.

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