Elizabeth Berkley pays homage to her Jessie Spano caffeine freakout

When Elizabeth Berkley signed-on for Dancing with the Stars, we wanted to see two things: some sort of recognition of her dancing background (aka acknowledge Showgirls), and a tip of the hat to her legendary Saved by the Bell/“I’m So Excited” caffeine freakout.  The first may never happen (though there’s still hope), and the second DID happen.

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If Jurassic Park were real, it might look like this

I have a unhealthy obsession with bizarro Japanese television because even without the language barrier, the stuff that entertains Japanese audiences is way different than the stuff that entertains American audiences.  In Japan, having people pose in weird shapes as a cutout in a wall moves towards them is prime time television, in America having marginally formerly famous people dance very very awkwardly is prime time.  

That being said, this is from a Japanese prank show that apparently is ok with giving it’s target a massive coronary in the sake of comedy as this guy literally think he’s being chased by a dinosaur (forget the fact that the dinosaur in question has human legs wearing blue jeans).