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WATCH Outtakes Of SNL’s Kate McKinnon As Justin Bieber For Calvin Klein

One of Saturday Night Live’s best sketches of the past season was the spoof of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads with Kate McKinnon as The Biebs. SNL knows this was pure gold, so they just released the outtakes (above)… and they’re just as funny and ridiculous as the original sketch (below).


WATCH Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, and Brad Pitt on screen together…

…in a COMMERCIAL for a new resort in Macau, China… and they reportedly got paid $10 million EACH to be in this thing.  But when a resort costs 3.2 BILLION to build, a $70 million commercial is a drop in the bucket. 


WATCH The banned Grey Poupon commercial

Truth be told, I doubt the was actually banned.  My guess: the company realized more people would talk about the spot if they thought they weren’t supposed to see it, OR the company had second thoughts about an ad that forces people to associate their food product with fecal matter. Either way, it’s funny and has shades of those K-Mart “Shipped My Pants” commercials.